Founding Families Of “Cochichawick Plantation”

The First 23 Freeholders in Andover As They Came To Town

The Faulkner List

1656 Proprietor's List Founding Families.jpg

This list, in the handwriting of  Town Clerk Edmund Faulkner is taken from some of the surviving early Town Records. A transcription is provided below.

The capitalized names indicate the ten men who signed the Covenant for the first Christian Church at Andover, including the minister, John Woodbridge. 

  1.  Mr. Bradstreet
  2.  John Osgood

  3.  Joseph Parker

  4.  Richard Barker 

  5.  John Stevens
  6.  Nicholas Holt

  7. Benjamin Woodbridge
  8. John Fry

  9. Edmond Faulkner

  10. Robert Barnard

  11. Daniel Poor
  12. Nathan Parker

  13. Henry Jaques
  14. John Aslett (or Alebe)
  15. Richard Blake (Black)

  16. William Ballard
  17. John Lovejoy
  18. Thomas Poore
  19. George Abbott
  20. John Russe
  21. Andrew Allen
  22. Andrew Foster
  23. Thomas Chandler

Descendants of some of these founding families still live in town.