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"Sheep to Shawl" 2-Hour hands-on workshop

Kathy Hirbour, former educator a the American Textile Museum is now at the North Andover Historical Society

We are proud to announce that Kathy Hirbour, former educator at the American Textile History Museum has brought her textile related programs to our museum. 

field trips & thematic programs

In addition to our own offerings, we are adding the following programs to our roster. Many of the programs are suitable for Home School Families and we welcome their inquiries.  


how to wear a sheep

Ages:     Pre-K - Grade 2
Length: 2 Hours

This program guides young children through an exploration of how natural fiber is used to create fabric. They will discover how a sheep's wool can be spun into yarn, woven, and sewn into a garment.

Following the story of Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie DePaola, children will be guided through the process of shearing a sheep, cleaning and carding wool, spinning the fibers into thread, dying, weaving and clothing construction. You will leave with a new appreciation for your winter coat!

colonial days field trip

Ages:     Grade 3 & up
Length: 2.5 Hours

Experience daily life in the Colonial era (c. 1750) through lively interaction experiences and activities. Students will enter the world of Colonial America using maps, artifacts, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. This multi-station program covers spinning and weaving, flax processing, toys and games, and a tour of the Parson Barnard House!


fleece to fabric

Ages:     Grade 3 & up
Length:  2.5 Hours

Explore the life of a New England farm family during the growth of the Republic (early 1800s). Process wool from the family sheep and create a poster to document the steps. Card, spin, and weave wool fiber into cloth. Learn about the science of dyeing yarn using various plants, flowers, nuts, and berries found locally. Visit our 1789 Johnson Cottage to see how families lived. 

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getting ready for winter

AGES:      5 & up
LENGTH:  2.5 Hours

Come listen to the true story of Amasa Walker and the Splendid Garment. The story takes place in a 1799 Connecticut village. Amasa needs a new coat and we will find out how much work was involved in the making of this coat. We will pick, card, and spin some wool and then weave on table looms!

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goat in the rug

Ages:      Pre-K to Grade 2
Length:  2 Hours

Come listen to the story of The Goat in the Rug and explore how Geraldine, the goat, had her wool turn into a rug. Glenmae, a Navajo weaver, takes great pride and care in weaving her rug. We will try carding and spinning wool and finish up with paper weaving.

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pacific printworks

Ages:     Grade 3 & up
Length: 2.5 Hours

Students will learn the history of cloth design and printing from the ancient Indian technique of block printing through the invention of roller printing and the current more common technique of screen printing. They will apply imagination and rational thinking to the creation of art and will understand how the  arts contribute to contemporary life.

Pacific Print Works teaches the history of cloth printing, particularly calico designs, and the evolution of printing technology. Students will be given the opportunity to create their own designs. They will prepare the dye and use calico-pattern wooden blocks and stamps for printing. Students take home a sample book containing a variety of fabrics that they designed and printed.