Library and Archival Collections

The Society maintains a unique variety of documents and images which are of great interest to scholars, teachers, genealogists, local businesses and private residents and other researchers.

The archive is available by appointment to both Members and Non-Members. Basic Membership levels include two free hours and reduced hourly rates. The Non-Member rate is $15 for the first hour, $10 for each following hour. Business rate is $25 per hour. Research can be conducted by staff for $25 per hour, results cannot be guaranteed, but a preliminary free search would indicate if enough material was present to warrant the research.

Have one quick question about the town’s history? Want to know more about our services? Or if you do not see a name or street you are interested in,  please email us--we are happy to help!

Research Hours

Monday Closed

Tuesday – Friday 10 am -12 pm & 1pm -3pm 

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