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Parson Barnard House

The Parson Barnard House (1715) at 179 Osgood Street is the Society’s other historic house. The exciting restoration techniques used highlight the original construction and interior modifications. As you visit each room, you will see furnishings that show the changes in lifestyle as experienced by four early inhabitants of the house from 1715 through 1830.

The Parson Barnard House (1715) is located at 179 Osgood Street and retains many of its original features, based on a documented history of this significant Eighteenth Century building.
The first owners and inhabitants of the house were ministers of the North Parish Church of North Andover, including Rev. Thomas Barnard, Rev. John Barnard and Rev. William Symmes. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the house was used as a summer home at which time the carriage barn was built.

The North Andover Historical Society purchased the Parson Barnard House in 1950 in order to preserve a typical house built in the town during the early Eighteenth Century.

The Parson Barnard House:
The Parson Barnard House is open to the public for free on the first Saturdays of June through October from 11am to 3pm. Tours may also be made by appointment during the season ($7 adults, $5 children under 16, students of all ages & seniors over 65), please contact the caretaker by email.  For possible visits outside the regular season for for all groups and schools, please email the director or call the North Andover Histor